6 or Safe

6 or safe

6 or Safe

5-8 years, 8+ years
6 - 15
10 Minutes
Teeball tees (1x), Hoops (1x), Cones (1x), Witches Hats (1x)
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Set Up:

  • Place a cone next to teeball set (tee, bat and ball)
  • Place a witches hat 2 metres behind tee
  • Place hoop approximately 15 metres in front of tee – this is the safe zone
  • Divide children into two groups, one fielding, one batting
  • All children in batting team not batting must stand behind the witches hat

Note: This activity can be used for throwing, kicking as well as other striking activities such as cricket hitting off a tee or hockey hitting (with a soft ball)


Two teams – 4 batters and 4 fielders (or similar depending on your numbers). The batting team hitting off a tee has one hit each at a time. Batters have two choices after hitting the ball:

  • Running to the hoop which is a safe zone (2 points) – if the safety zone is reached before the ball is caught in the hands of a fielder in the safety zone, 2 points are scored. The batter walks back for the next ball.
  • Run to safety zone and back (6 points) before the ball is placed in hoop.

The fielders must field the ball and throw it to a fielder who stands in the safe zone (hoop).

Switch teams over after everyone has had a hit.

Before starting, demonstrate how to hit. Practice stepping forward and hitting without balls initially and then add balls in.

This game is starting to introduce decision making, strategy and game play in addition to developing the fundamental movement skill of striking.


  • Use larger soft foam balls for younger children to help them have success in hitting the ball
  • Try using cricket tees and bats
  • Make the safe zone further away or closer depending on the hitting distance of the group

Teaching Points:

  • Hands together
  • Ready: stand side on to the ball (use markers to assist)
  • Eyes on the ball
  • Step & Swing – step with the front foot towards the target (use a marker to step on to)
6 or safe