Balance Twister

Balance Twister

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
1 - 20
5 minutes
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Set Up:

  • Place coloured flat markers in a grid arrangement 4 x 4 or larger with approximately 30cm between each marker (set-up a number of grids if you have a large group)
  • Children begin by standing around the outside of the grid


Children move around without touching markers using different locomotor commands such as hopping, jumping etc.

When the coach blows the whistle, children freeze.

Coach then calls out specific directions:

  • Put one hand on a red marker
  • Stand with one foot on a yellow marker
  • Jump over a blue marker
  • Place two hands and a foot on different coloured markers
  • Balance on 1 arm and 1 leg on a green marker
  • Make a bridge only touching yellow markers
  • Balance on your bottom only on a red marker
Balance Twister


  • If children know their left and right, you can play this more like a game of twister e.g. place left hand on red, right foot on red. You could make your own twister spinner
  • Keep going until everyone is twisted up and then have the children gallop around the area until you start again
  • Incorporate partner balances e.g. 4 feet all on a blue marker

Teaching Points:

  • Keep body still and tight
  • Head and eyes look ahead