Blast Off

Blast Off

Blast Off

3-5 years, 5-8 years
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Set Up:

  • Children spread out in a line facing the coach


Before starting the game, go through the running teaching points and have the children demonstrate them while on the spot. Firstly practice ‘hip to lip’ arms, then practice landing on the front of the foot, have children point out which part of the foot they land on, then practice high knees and looking straight ahead while running on the spot.

On coach’s command, the children respond with the appropriate action:

  • Engine is starting – on the spot slow jog,
  • Engine is warming – on the spot fast jog.
  • Engine is revving loudly – on the spot high knee lifts.
  • Count down 5 4 3 2 1 – on the spot high speed running on tip toes.
  • Blast Off – students sprint 10-15 metres and walk back

Repeat and add a tagger who chases the children on Blast Off


  • Go through commands very quickly
  • Change the distance children run on Blast Off
  • Add in hurdles for children to jump over or agility poles for children to weave between on Blast Off
  • Finish with running relay races or a game of Rats and Rabbit

Teaching Points:


  • Hip to lip – arms are bent and travel from a child’s hip to their lip
  • Hands closed lightly – like holding a small bird
  • Eyes up
  • High knees
  • Land on the ball of the foot
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