5-8 years, 8+ years
1 - 30
Cones , Balls (large inflatable ones such as fitballs/large rubber ball), Tennis balls (bucket of)
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Set Up:

  • Form a 5 metre line with cones (finish line)
  • Place the large ball(s) ~ 10 meters from finish line
  • Set-up a throwing zone (cones) in a line 2 metres behind ball
  • Position a bucket of tennis balls behind the throwing zone


Level 1

Children start lined up at throwing zone, facing the large ball.

On command, each child retrieves a tennis ball and throws using overarm technique at the large ball, trying to push it towards the finish line.

Children continue to reload and throw until either the ball has reached the finish line or balls run out and need to be re-loaded.

Time how long it takes for ball to reach finish line.

Level 2

Split group into two teams, facing each other and ~ 10 meters apart.

Coach or player stands at one end of the lines, in the middle of space.

On command, coach rolls the large ball down the middle of the lines and children throw overarm to hit moving ball.

1 point is awarded to every time ball is hit.

Tally points and repeat.

Level 3

Two groups face each other 10 – 15 metres apart.

Ball is placed on the ground in middle of two groups.

On command, children throw overarm to hit the ball, in an attempt to roll it to the opposition’s side.

After a winner is determined, repeat with mixed teams.


  • Move throwing zone further away to encourage longer throws
  • Place tennis balls 5 – 10 meters back from cone to encourage running and re-positioning to throw

Teaching Points:

  • Ready: stand side-onlike a surfer
  • Aim: make a muscle man (throwing arm bent up above shoulder), point non-throwing arm at target
  • Fire: step forward with opposite foot and throw