Clean up your Rubbish (kicking)

Clean up your Rubbish (kicking)

3-5 years, 5-8 years
4 - 30
School, ECEC
Volleyball nets (x1), Balls , Flat markers , Cones , Soccer goals
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Set Up:

  • Place cones in a large rectangle 10m x 15m and divide space with the net
  • On either side of the next place a row of flat markers two metres from the net (this is the no-go zone)
  • Set-up soccer goals at each end of the space.
  • Scatter foam balls across both areas
  • Divide group into two
Clean up your rubbish (kicking)_photo


Group splits up so that there are equal numbers on each side of net.

Children are instructed that they need to clean up the rubbish on their side of the net and send it over to the other side, aiming for the goal (bin).

Cleanest team wins.

On start command, children are to kick a single ‘piece of rubbish’ (foam ball) to the opposite side of net, aiming for the goal at the other end. If the ball doesn't land in the goal the other team can kick the ball back.

Continue for a few minutes then stop the game and count how many pieces of rubbish each side has and how many ended up in the goal (back in the bin).

Team with least amount of rubbish wins!

Mix up teams and repeat.


  • Increase space size
  • Place flat markers further from net
  • Bonus points for players who trap rubbish with their foot

Teaching Points:

  • Eyes on the ball
  • Kicking foot like a penguin (turn it outwards)
  • Step (next to the ball), swing and kick