Clean up your Rubbish (throwing)

Clean up your Rubbish (throwing)

4 - 30
School, ECEC
Volleyball nets , Cones , Wiffle balls
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Set Up:

  • Place cones in a large rectangle 10m x 15m and divide space with the net
  • Spread flat markers around the space on each side of the net (~5)
  • Scatter wiffle balls across both areas
  • Divide group into two


  • Group splits up so that there are equal numbers on each side of net.
  • Children are instructed that they need to clean up the rubbish on their side of the net and send it over to the other side. 
  • On start command, children are to pick up a single ‘piece of rubbish’ (wiffle ball/beanbag), find a flat marker to stand on and use overarm throw to launch rubbish to the opposite side of net.
  • Continue for a few minutes then stop the game and count how many pieces of rubbish each side has. Team with least amount of rubbish wins! Mix up teams and repeat. 


  • Increase space size
  • Place flat markers further from net
  • Introduce an area between the teams’ area that is a no-go zone
  • Bonus points for players who catch rubbish

Teaching Points:

  • Ready: stand side-on like a surfer
  • Aim: make a muscle man (throwing arm bent up above shoulder), point nonthrowing arm at target
  • Fire: step forward with opposite foot and throw