Cone Monster

Cone Monster

5-8 years, 8+ years
Soccer balls (enough for 1 per child), Cones , Witches Hats (x1)
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Set Up:

  • Mark out a 15m x 15m square with cones
  • Children all start in the square with a ball
  • One child is designated the Cone Monster and holds a witches hat
Cone Monster


Start this activity with a demonstration of how to dribble and let everyone have a go. Then introduce the game.

When children are dribbling demonstrate how they can use the inside of the foot, outside of foot, bottom of foot and bottom of foot backwards.

Choose one child to be the Cone Monster. All other children are dribbling the ball around the designated area. They must keep moving at all times. The Cone Monster doesn’t have a soccer ball but has a witches hat and has to place the witches hat on top of other children’s balls as they dribble around. If a child has the witches hat placed on their ball they have to stand with their legs wide apart like a scarecrow. To be rescued and rejoin the game another child has to dribble their ball through the scarecrow’s legs, they are then free to dribble around again.


  • Add in an extra cone monster
  • Add in conditions such as: children have to dribble ball at top speed or at walking pace
  • To save someone you have to kick your ball through their legs two times
  • Coach can be the cone monster

Teaching Points:

Dribbling (soccer)

  • Keep the ball close to the body
  • Small, soft taps of the ball
  • Use both feet