Connect 4

Connect 4

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
1 - 12
Home, School
Hoops (16x), Cones (12x - four cones of three different colours), Feet markers
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Set Up:

  • Place four rows of four hoops all placed close to each other
  • Set-up two flat markers 10 metres away from the hoops
  • Place 4 of the same coloured cone at each flat marker
  • If your group is larger than 8 children set-up 3 flat markers so you can have 3 teams
  • Divide children into two teams, each team lines up behind a flat marker
Connect 4


This game is like Connect 4 played in teams.

Each child in each team has a placement marker (a cone).

The coach explains the game to the children before dividing into teams and starting.

On go, the first child from each team will run down to the Connect 4 board (hoops) and place their marker in one of the hula hoops.

After they place the marker, they will race back to their line to high five the next student in line.

The next student will then place their marker in an open hoop.

The goal is to have your team get 4 markers in a row.

If all 4 markers have been played and there is no Connect 4, the next student in line will run down and move one of their own team markers into an open hula hoop.

The coach will judge the game and declare when there is winning team with Connect 4.

Note: You may need to introduce a rule that children only have 2 seconds to decide where to place marker if children are taking too long.


  • Depending on your numbers you can play this as 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 or have 3 teams going at the same time
  • To make it easier play Connect 3
  • Change the distance from the markers to the Connect 4 board
  • Change the method of locomotion to skipping
  • Add in obstacles on the way to the Connect 4 board

Teaching Points:


  • Hip to lip – arms are bent and travel from a child’s hip to their lip
  • Hands closed lightly – like holding a small bird
  • Eyes up
  • High knees
  • Land on the ball of the foot