Discovering Jumping

Discovering Jumping

2-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-8 years
1 - 30
10 minutes
Home, School, ECEC
Agility ladders (x1), Hurdles (different sizes), Hoops , Jumping sacks
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Set Up:

  • Set up different jumping obstacles such as:
    • Different sized hurdles
    • Line of hoops
    • Agility ladder
    • Targets stuck on a wall


Children follow coach around oval and surrounds. Start jumping off a low height, a small wall would be great and teaching children how to land. Emphasise landing ‘like you are riding a motorbike’ – see teaching cues below.

Then try different jumping activities such as:

  • jump over a low hurdle
  • jump through the ladder
  • jump from hoop to hoop
  • do 10 star jumps
  • jump as high as you can
  • mark heights or put targets on a wall with chalk to see if they can jump to the star or the rainbow or the soccer ball.
  • if there is a long jump pit have a go at jumping in this

Ask children questions as you do each jumping activity:

  • What makes you go higher?
  • What makes you go further?


  • Run this activity as a Follow the Leader around the environment trying different types of jumping
  • Make activity into a jumping obstacle course
  • Finish with a sack race

Teaching Points:


  • Land like you are riding a motorbike – arms forward, ankles, knees and hips bent, feet apart
  • Land as quiet as a mouse
  • Swing & Spring
  • Reach for a star and bring it down again