5-8 years, 8+ years
4 - 30
10 minutes
Feet markers , Balls (foam, medium sized), Cones
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Set Up:

  • This game must be played on a soft surface such as grass
  • Set up two rows of flat markers 10m apart
  • On the unmarked sides place cones to indicate where the children start and finish when running
  • Place the foam balls on the markers
  • Divide children into two teams – one team is kicking one team is running

Note: Dodge can be used as an activity for a number of different skills depending on the type of locomotion you use while dodging.


The coach divides the children into two groups, one group are the kickers and the other team are the runners. The kickers have soft ball each and line up on a marker.The runners line up at the cones and instructed to run to the cones at the other end trying to dodge the balls as they go.

On the coach’s command, the running team runs through and the kicking team uses side-foot kicks to try to hit the runners below the knee with the ball. Runners have to reach the other end in 5 seconds.

If a runner gets hit:

  1. First hit: they must jump on the next run through
  2. Second hit: they must hop on the next run through
  3. Third hit: they must skip on the next run through

After everyone has been hit at least once, change teams over.


  • To finish have the coach as the dodger and all the children have to try and kick the ball at the coach
  • If children get hit they can join the kicking team until you only have one ‘Master Dodger’ left
  • Change the distances
  • Change the way the ball is delivered – can roll the ball instead of kicking
  • Change the method of locomotion on the run throughs (run, jump, hop, skip)

Teaching Points:


  • Eyes on the ball
  • Kicking foot like a penguin (turn it outwards)
  • Step, swing and kick