Farmer Sam

Farmer Sam

3-5 years, 5-8 years
5 minutes
School, ECEC
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Set Up:

  • Mark out the designated area with cones
  • All children start side-by-side across one end of the space
  • Start with the coach as ‘Farmer Sam’ to stand in middle of area, facing the children


Children chant the following as a group; “Farmer Sam, Farmer Sam, may we cross your muddy old dam?”.

The Farmer then chooses a group to cross safely to other side, for example “only if you are wearing a hat”.

After the players wearing hats have crossed, the coach shouts ‘GO!’, and the other try cross without being tagged by the Farmer.

If the Farmer tags a child, they also stand in middle and become farmers.

Continue until all children have been tagged.


  • Use different actions to cross the dam – hopping, skipping, jumping
  • Use a larger area
  • Maintain the same Farmer for entire game and have those who are tagged become stationary scarecrows that cannot run to tag, can only lean and use arms(this is easier for runners)
  • Farmers can only jump to tag (or hop, or skip etc.)
  • Choose a child to start as the Farmer

Teaching Points:


  • Keep head up and eyes looking forward
  • Keep arms bent at elbow and use ‘hip-to-lip’ action with hands


  • Ensure the Farmers are given time to choose a group and say to rest of class in a loud voice
  • Give those children who struggle with choosing 2 or 3 options to choose from, for example
    • if you’re wearing yellow,
    • if you have a brother,
    • if your name starts with ‘B’
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