Golden Child (throwing)

Golden Child (throwing)

5-8 years, 8+ years
6 - 20
10 minutes
Bats (small, 2x), Witches Hats
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Set Up:

  • Place 4 witches hats in a diamond formation (like a teeball diamond with 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and home plate)
  • Divide children into two groups, one fielding, one throwing

Note: This activity can be used for cricket, kicking, dribbling, teeball and/or catching depending on what equipment you have, See the Golden Child (striking) activity plan for further information


Before starting demonstrate how to throw. Practice throwing without balls initially and then add balls in.

Divide into two teams, throwing and fielding. Fielding team spread out in the diamond. First player in throwing team throws the ball as far as they can and then runs around the bases. Fielding team fields the ball and line up behind the fielder in a straight line, then pass the ball over their heads to the back of line and hold ball above head and call out STOP. Runner then freezes and must kneel down where they are. The last thrower is the ‘Golden Child’ and can unfreeze runners as they run around the diamond. Each runner that gets to home base scores a run.

Switch teams over.


  • Use different throwing implements such as nerf rockets
  • For a large group have two throwers at a time
  • To make it harder for fielders they have to pass (throw and catch) it to each fielder before calling STOP
  • Make the diamond bigger
  • Play ‘Continuous Golden Child’ where you keep going until there is only one thrower left (throwers who get home can throw again) and they are the Golden Child.

Teaching Points:

  • Ready: stand side-onlike a surfer
  • Aim: make a muscle man (throwing arm bent up above shoulder), point non-throwing arm at target
  • Fire: step forward with opposite foot and throw
Golden Child (throwing)