Hopping or Jumping Patterns

Hopping or Jumping Patterns

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
10 minutes
Home, School, ECEC
Cones , Feet markers (or feet markers)
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Set Up:

  • Place flat markers on ground to make hopping patterns (e.g. LLRR, LbothRR or RLRL etc.) If you have feet markers use these instead
  • Make one colour e.g. red = right foot and yellow = left foot and place two markers of the same colour down for both feet
  • Set up four different hopping patterns (or more if you have a large group)
  • Place a cone at the start of each hopping pattern
  • Children choose a hopping pattern to start at and line up behind the start cone


Start by introducing children to hopping patterns and demonstrate how to do one.

They need to follow the markers and try and complete the hopping pattern successfully.

When they complete one they move to a new pattern.

Once they have completed each of the hopping patterns set-up, let them make a hopping pattern of their own with spare markers.

Join up with a partner and try and complete each other’s patterns.


  • Vary the length of the patterns
  • Focus on the skill of jumping
  • Add in other obstacles to incorporate other skills e.g. running
  • Finish with a game of hopscotch

Teaching Points:

  • Quiet landings (bend ankles, knees and hips)
  • Bend your leg to push off
  • Head up and eyes forward (look towards where you are hopping)
  • Swing & spring
Hopping Patterns