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Children dancing to music

Active Movement Song


Incorporate music and dancing into your active time!  

Child playing with parent

Aeroplane - babies

1+5 Minutes

This easy to implement activity is great for adding variety to your tummy time routine.

All Types of Catching

1+10 Minutes

Spread the markers out in your designated area. Have different balls and beanbags ready in separate buckets/bags

Animal Walks

2+5-10 minutes

A great activity to get kids moving, while also improving their locomotor skills and strength.

Anything Tag

5+5-10 minutes

A fun tag activity that encourages creativity

Balance Dice (At Home)

1+10-20 minutes

An at-home activity to create and then use to develop balance!

Balance Twister

1 - 205 minutes

Place coloured flat markers in a grid arrangement 4 x 4 or larger with approximately 30cm between each marker (set-up a number of grids if you have a large group)

Balloon Games

1+10+ minutes

Balloons are a fun way to introduce striking, kicking and catching at a young age!

Basketball Relays

1 - 3010 minutes

Develop Catching and Dribbling skills with these relay activities.


4+10 minutes

A fun game that develops dribbling and kicking skills.

Beanbag Balances

1+5-10 minutes

A simple activity to develop balance that can be used as a break from more intense activities.

Beans in action


1+5 minutes

Fun, warm-up game for younger children incorporating all types of movement. No equipment required.

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