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Clean up your Rubbish (throwing)

Overarm Throw
4 - 30

A fun game to develop the skill of Throwing. Suit medium to large groups.

Collecting Rubbish

4+10 minutes

Develop Throwing as well as Running, Jumping and Skipping with this fun activity. Suits groups of all sizes.

Cone Monster


A fun activity for groups of all sizes that develops soccer dribbling and kicking.

Connect 4

Running, Skipping
1 - 12

This game is like Connect 4 played in teams. Each child in each team has a placement marker (a cone). The coach explains the game to the children before dividing into teams and starting.

Connect It

4+5-10 minutes

A fun game requiring children to connect up with different body parts whilst moving around the space

Dance Party (At Home)

1+10+ minutes

Get moving with a fun at-home dance party!

Diamond Cricket

8 - 3010 minutes

This activity introduces children to the skills and strategy of cricket: batting, fielding, running and throwing.

Diminishing Target

Overarm Throw
4 - 1510 minutes

A progressive activity focusing on the skill of Throwing. Good for small to medium sized groups.

Discovering Jumping

1 - 3010 minutes

An introductory activity to explore the skill of Jumping.


4 - 3010 minutes

A fun activity that the kids love. Can be modified to focus on a number of different skills. Suit medium sized groups

Shrink and Grow

Electric Piggy

5 - 1010 minutes

An electric twist on a classic game!

Baby playing with fitness ball with mother at home

Exercise Ball Tummy Time

1+5-10 minutes

Exercise balls are a great way for babies and toddlers to develop muscle strangth and balance.

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