Hula Hoop Car Trip

Hula Hoop Car Trip

2-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-8 years
1 - 40
10 minutes
Home, School, ECEC
Cones , Hoops (enough for one per child)
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Set Up:

Set up cones marking out a 10m x 10m area. Each child starts with a hoop in the area.


The hoop is the child’s car and each child stands inside the hoop holding it up with their hands. Children use the hoop to travel around the area and follow the coach’s commands:

  • Speed limit 30: walk
  • On the freeway: running around fast
  • Bumpy road: jump around
  • Flat tyre: hop
  • Stuck in the mud: jog on the spot
  • Windy road: lean to one side as running around
  • Out of petrol: run backwards.

After children are familiar with the above commands you can add in some new commands:

  • Policeman coming: Coach tries to tag children
  • Road trip: Follow the coach to a new destination, you can go through a playground and down a slide or use any obstacles in your local environment
  • Windscreen wipers: drop hoop and move hands in windscreen wiper action
  • Spinning a doughnut: try and spin the hula hoop around your waist


  • Make area smaller or larger depending on numbers
  • Add in your own commands
  • Change what each command means depending on which skill you are focusing on e.g. add in skipping or more jumping
  • Let a child call out the commands
  • Give children the opportunity to make up new commands

Teaching Points:

  • Ensure children have eyes up to avoid other players
Hula Hoop Car Trip