Jump Rope (beginners)

Jump Rope (beginners)

Jump Rope (beginners)

5-8 years, 8+ years
15 Minutes
Home, School
Skipping ropes (one long rope)
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Set Up:

  • All children have a skipping rope and spread out over a large area
  • For younger children you may want to start with a hoop

Note: Ensure children have the right size rope as this can help with their success at skipping. The rule of thumb is to stand on the middle of the rope and pull the handles up, they should reach up to the armpits.


Introduce skipping in stages to help encourage success:

Stage 1

Lay the rope on the ground and jump over it. Practice big jumps over it and then move on to small quick jumps backwards and forwards over the rope.

Stage 2

Everyone holds their rope by the handles and practices turning it over. Don’t introduce jumping yet, just focus on learning how to turn the rope.

Stage 3

Introduce turning the rope and stepping over the rope. Let children have a go while the coach instructs then try turning and jumping, just start with one turn and jump. Many children will try to turn and jump at the same time. Then try continuous turning and jumping. For younger children or beginners you may want to stop at this stage the first time you introduce jump rope.

Stage 4

Once all children have successfully turned the rope and jumped introduce different steps over the rope. For each of the steps below, practice the steps first and then introduce the turning rope. Children will quickly discover which of these steps is easiest for them and initially encourage them to practice this one. Then gradually introduce the others.

  • Single jump
  • Double bounce
  • Backwards
  • Hop
  • Jogger

Finish with a game of Helicopter – using a long skipping rope the coach stands in the middle and the children spread around in a circle. The coach spins the rope around in a circle on the ground and the children need to jump it when it gets near them. Try to go around the whole group with everyone successfully jumping over it.


  • Once children have the hang of jumping, you can introduce the two minute challenge. See who can keep jumping consecutively for two minutes.
  • Use hoops for younger children or beginners as they may find this easier and then gradually progress to skipping ropes

Teaching Points:

  • Turn first, then jump
  • Keep feet, ankles and knees together
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