King (Queen) of the Ring

Small Sided Soccer

King (Queen) of the Ring

5-8 years, 8+ years
10 minutes
Home, School
Balls , Cones
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Set Up:

  • Mark out a square (roughly 10m x 10m, or appropriate to participant numbers) to play in
  • Ensure every child has one soccer ball each


  • Start off with everyone dribbling inside the square, avoiding other people
  • When the coach says, players can begin trying to kick other people’s soccer balls out of the square, while protecting their own
  • If your ball goes out of the square, you have to fetch it, and do a designated activity (e.g. 10 ball toe taps) before re-entering the square
  • Players can then re-enter the square and try to knock other people’s balls out of the square again
  • The player who is in the square the longest is the king or queen of the ring


  • Avoid the coach! The only person allowed to kick someone else’s ball is the coach
  • Elimination! Once you are out, you are out (a good way to keep kids moving in this instance is to set up a separate dribbling obstacle course that they complete once they’re knocked out of the game)

Teaching Points:


  • Eyes on the ball
  • Kicking foot like a penguin (turn it outwards)
  • Step (next to the ball), swing and kick

Dribbling (soccer):

  • Keep the ball close to the body
  • Small, soft taps of the ball
  • Use both feet