Lilypads and Leapfrogs

Lilypads and Leapfrogs

3-5 years, 5-8 years
1 - 30
10 Minutes
Home, School, ECEC
Hoops , Beanbags , Cones
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Set Up:


Scatter hoops amongst a 10m x 10m area. Place bean bags in selected hoops. Place markers at either end to indicate start and finish.


*Note: you can use markers or chalk instead of hoops





On start signal children jump (like frogs) from hoop to hoop, using the hoops as ‘lilypads’.    


The coach can call out different commands for children as they move from one beam to another:

  • Jumping
  • Hopping
  • Try and jump over hoops with bean bags in them
  • Don’t jump in yellow hoops
  • Only jump in green, red and blue hoops




  • Add a tagger (crocodile) in for more interest
  • Add a safe area. A player is safe if they jump into a hoop (one person in a hoop at a time).
  • Make area smaller or larger depending on numbers
  • Spread out hoops to challenge children to jump further
  • Add in your own commands
  • Let a child call out the commands
  • Give children the opportunity to make up new commands



Teaching Points:



  • Land like you are riding a motorbike – arms forward, ankles, knees and hips bent, feet apart
  • Land as quiet as a mouse
  • Swing & Spring
  • Reach for a star and bring it down again


  • Quiet landings (bend ankles, knees and hips)
  • Bend your leg to push off
  • Head up and eyes forward (look towards where you are hopping)
  • Swing & spring


  • Bend, push & turn
  • Look straight ahead
  • Use only one step to change direction