Long Jump Challenge

Long Jump Challenge

Long Jump Challenge

5-8 years, 8+ years
1 - 20
10 Minutes
Home, School
Long jump pit (if available), Hoops , Flat markers , Hurdles (small)
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Set Up:

  • Set up two jumping and running obstacle courses leading up to long jump pit
  • Obstacles could be: 3 small hurdles to jump over, hoops to jump between, flat markers to leap on to
  • Children begin by lining up on long edge of the long jump pit


Children start by jumping as far as they can into the long jump pit off a standing start.

Everyone jumps at the same time.

Ask children what could help them jump further?

Emphasise the use of arms to swing back in preparation and then extend above head on take-off.

Repeat with a focus on using arms to help jump further.

Children then start in two lines off a short (5m) run up to the long jump pit.

Two at a time they run and jump into the pit.

Let everyone have a few turns.

Then try off a longer run-up (10m).

Introduce jumping obstacles on the way to the long jump pit and then finish with a jump into the pit.


  • If there is no long jump pit, you can run this activity on grass, with a marker where children need to take off from
  • Measure each child’s jump and see if they can improve each time
  • Practice with different speed run-ups and ask children which works best
  • Turn it into a relay race between two teams, each child completes course and then sprints back and tags next child in team

Teaching Points:


  • Arms reach behind the body in preparation to jump
  • Swing & Spring
  • Reach for a star and bring it down again
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