Obstacle Course (catch)

Obstacle Course (catch)

3-5 years, 5-8 years
1 - 20
10 Minutes
School, ECEC
Cones , Beanbags , Hoops , Agility ladders (x1), Hurdles (small), Basketballs (small), Balance beams (or rope)
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Set Up:

Set up four small obstacle courses:

  1. Starting cone, bucket of beanbags, agility ladder with 6 beanbags on ladder rungs, balance beam, hoop at end
  2. Starting cone with small ball, 6 mini hurdles spread out over 10 metres, small ball, hoop at end
  3. Starting cone then three hoops each with a beanbag in them spread out over 10 metres, hoop at end
  4. Starting cone, basketball then 5 flat markers spread out over 10 metres, hoop at end

Children line up behind a starting cone with even numbers at each cone.


Child first in line at each of the four obstacle course completes the course and thenstands in the hoop at the end to receive a throw from the coach. Once first child is in hoop, next child starts. Rotate children between different obstacle courses.

Obstacle courses:

  1. Jump through agility ladder, picking up beanbags from ground and then place them on balance beam while balancing on it. Next person takes 3 beanbags from the bucket and places beanbags back on agility ladder then picks up beanbags from balance beam and puts back in the bucket and so on.
  2. Roll ball under mini hurdles trying not to touch any hurdles, return ball to start
  3. In first hoop, throw beanbag in air 3 x and catch, in second hoop pass beanbag around body 3 x, in third hoop pass beanbag through legs 3 x
  4. Bounce basketball and catch it on each of the flat markers


  1. Depending on numbers change the number of courses or the number of children in each group
  2. Make course shorter or longer
  3. Give children in line a task to do e.g. stand on one leg, throw a beanbag in air and catch, balance beanbag on head
  4. Add a theme to create interest e.g. going through the jungle or at the circus
  5. Add different catching challenges to course e.g throw up and clap then catch

Teaching Points:


  • Watch the ball
  • Soft fingers
  • Thumbs together and up (butterfly hands) for balls above waist and fingers pointing down (wriggly worms) for balls below waist
  • Reach out for the ball and catch
Obstacle course