Pirate Treasure (Striking)

Pirate Treasure (Striking)

5-8 years, 8+ years
2 - 20
Teeball tees , Teeball bats , Balls , Witches Hats , Targets
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Set Up:

  • Have enough teeball tees set out for the group (or half)
  • Place feet markers to the side of the tee to show children where to stand when batting
  • Spread teeball tees out in a straight line with plenty of space between each tee
  • Place various witches’ hats 15 metres in front of the tees with soft toys on top (treasure)
  • Place 1 hoop behind the tees

Note: This activity can be used for cricket, teeball or hockey striking depending on what equipment you have



  • Before starting demonstrate how to hit.  Practice stepping forward and hitting without balls initially and then add balls in.
  • Each member of the batting team collects a bat and stands in place next to a tee ready to hit.
  • On the command, Ready, Step & Swing all of the participants hit their ball toward the treasure. Each toy that is knocked over is collected by the batter and returned to the hoop behind the tees (treasure chest).
  • Repeat until all treasure has been collected.



  • Use larger soft foam balls for younger children to help them have success in hitting the ball
  • Try using cricket tees and bats
  • Move the fielding team back further
  • Add a pirate who tries to tag the batters when collecting their treasure (adds running component and extra element of fun)


Teaching Points:

  • Hands together
  • Ready: stand side on to the ball (use markers to assist). Eyes on the ball
  • Step & Swing – step with the front foot towards the target (use a marker to step on to)