Race the Ball

Race the Ball

Race the Ball

5-8 years, 8+ years
10 Minutes
Cones , Balls or beanbags (1x or more for larger groups)
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Set Up:

  • For a group of 8 children, set up 7 cones in zig zag formation, 3 on one side and 4 on the other facing each other, approximately 2 metres away
  • Set up a starting/finishing cone for the runner, the runner runs around the throwers
  • For larger groups use more markers or run multiple groups at a time
  • Designate one child as the runner and the rest of the children need to stand next to a cone
  • Child at the first cone starts with the ball


Throwers should pass the ball in zig zag formation up and back so each child catches and passes the ball twice.

The aim is for the runner to run as many laps as possible around the throwers in the time it takes for the throwing team to pass the ball up and back.

Rotate positions and runners with everyone having a turn being the runner.


  • Start with a beanbag ball to make it easier to catch
  • If a large group you can have multiple groups of throwers with one runner per group
  • Students bounce ball to each other
  • Use different size balls
  • Throw underarm to make it easier
  • Vary distance apart
  • Runner can dribble a basketball while running laps

Teaching Points:

  • Watch the ball
  • Soft fingers
  • Thumbs together and up (butterfly hands) for balls above waist and fingers pointing down (wriggly worms) for balls below waist
  • Reach out for the ball and catch with two hands
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