Ready, Aim, Fire (striking)

Ready, Aim, Fire (striking)

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
1 - 20
10 minutes
Home, School, ECEC
Flat markers , Cones , Teeball tees , Teeball bats , Tennis balls , Witches Hats , Hoops
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Set Up:

Set-up striking stations and interesting targets to hit at. For small groups set-up enough striking stations for each child. For larger groups have children in pairs, taking turns to strike.

At each striking station:

  • Tee, bat and ball
  • Round marker or feet marker place to the side of the tee where the child should stand
  • Have a witches hat 2 metres behind each tee where the next child waits their turn

Set targets up at varying distance, you could use beanbags balanced on top of witches hats, hoops standing up in cones, wickets, laminated pictures stuck to a wall, chalk targets drawn on a wall.

Note: The teeball tees and teeball bats can be easily changed to cricket tees and cricket bats.


Before starting demonstrate how to hit. Then everyone collect a bat and space themselves out and start batting without a ball. Practicing stepping forward and hitting. When the coach is ready each child can move to a striking station. On the command of Ready, Step & Fire all children attempt to hit the ball. Have a bucket of balls behind the children so they can collect a ball after each hit and have another go. Keep going until bucket is empty and then everyone collects all the balls.

Focus on distance and velocity before accuracy.

Ask children questions:

  • What makes the ball go higher?
  • What makes the ball go further?


  • Try medium sized foam balls for younger children to help with successful striking
  • Place more difficult targets to challenge more skilled children
  • Challenge children to attempt to hit all the targets set-up
  • Be creative with target design, let the children have a turn designing targets using the equipment

Teaching Points:


  • Hands together
  • Ready: stand side on to the ball (use markers to assist)
  • Eyes on the ball
  • Step & Swing – step with the front foot towards the target (use a marker to step on to)
Ready Aim Fire (striking)