Rob the Nest (catching)

Rob the Nest (catching)

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
4 - 30
10 Minutes
Cones , Beanbags , Hoops , Hurdles (small), Basketballs (small), Balls (small, similar size to tennis balls)
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A classic FMS activity that can be modified to focus on any combination of skills e.g. Catching & Balance

Set Up:

  • Set up four hoops around a large circle
  • Place a hoop filled with small balls or beanbags in the centre
  • Set-up obstacles from each of the outer hoops to the central hoop
    1. Small ball and 6 mini hurdles spread out
    2. Two hoops, one with a beanbag in it, one with a medium sized ball
    3. Three hoops each with a beanbag in it
    4. Basketball and 5 flat markers spread out
  • Divide children into four groups and each group lines up behind one of the four outer hoops.

Note: Rob the Nest can be used as an activity for a number of different skills depending on the obstacles you use on the way to the nest. See the activity plans for Rob the Nest (Run, Jump, Hop, Dodge), Rob the Nest (Balance) and Rob the Nest (Kick and Dribble).


One child at a time from each group goes through their obstacle course and collects an egg (ball) from the central hoop (the nest) and bring it back to their group’s nest (hoop). They then tag the next person in their group and they go and collect a ball. Demonstrate to children what to do at each of the obstacle courses:

  1. Roll ball under hurdles and trap at the other end
  2. Throw and catch a beanbag three times in the first hoop and then in the second hoop move the ball around waist 3 times
  3. Pick up beanbag in each hoop and throw it up and catch it (three hoops along the way)
  4. Bounce basketball and catch it on each marker along the way

When all eggs are collected allow children 30 seconds of stealing from other teams nests – one ball at a time!

Rotate groups around hoops to try different obstacles and repeat.


  • For younger children you may not want to have the stealing part of the game
  • Stealing can be one child at a time from each group or everyone running around stealing at a time. Start with one at a time and then finish with 20 seconds of everyone stealing
  • When you steal you can only hop
  • Older children can throw ball back to partner in hoop when collected from central nest

Teaching Points:


  • Watch the ball
  • Soft fingers
  • Thumbs together and up (butterfly hands) for balls above waist and fingers pointing down (wriggly worms) for balls below waist
  • Reach out for the ball and catch
Rob the Nest (catch)