Rocks and Waterfalls

Rocks & Waterfalls

Rocks and Waterfalls

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
5 minutes
School, ECEC
Balls (variety of different sized ones)
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Set Up:

  • Players stand in a close circle formation with their legs wide apart facing inwards.
  • One child starts with the ball.


The ball is the rock and players are trying to prevent the ball going under their waterfall (between their legs). The child starting with the ball rolls it across the circle to another player trying to get it between their legs.

Players have to avoid the ball going through their legs by trapping it with their hands and then rolling it towards another player to try and get it through their legs.

If the ball goes through your legs you have to put one hand behind your back.

If the ball goes through your legs again you run around the circle and then reset with two hands.


  • Two, three, four balls at a time
  • Once you roll the ball you have to run around the circle
  • Different sized balls
  • Everyone can only use one hand

Teaching Points:

  • Watch the ball
  • Soft fingers, big hands
  • Push the ball down when dribbling
  • Reach out for the ball and catch with two hands
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