Sack Race Treasure Hunt

Sack Race Treasure Hunt

Sack Race Treasure Hunt

3-5 years, 5-8 years
1 - 16
10 minutes
Home, School, ECEC
Jumping sacks (enough for one between two), Beanbags , Cones
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Set Up:

  • Scatter beanbags and balls amongst a 10m x 10m area.
  • Set up a 10 metre long start line marked by cones
  • Place sacks behind start line
  • Organise children into partners
  • One child starts in the sack, the other behind the start line
Sack Race Treasure Hunt_photo


On start signal children in sacks jump and collect a piece of treasure (beanbag).

They then return the treasure to the start line and give the sack to their partner who then jumps and collects another piece of treasure.

Repeat until all treasure is collected.

Time how long it takes the whole group to collect the piece of treasure.


  • See which set of partners collects the most treasure
  • Spread treasure over a bigger area
  • If you have enough sacks you can have everyone jumping around collecting treasure

Teaching Points:

  • Eyes up to see where other children are
  • Bend ankles, knees and hips