Sitting - Kneeling - Standing

Sitting - Kneeling - Standing

Sitting - Kneeling - Standing

3-5 years
1 - 25
10 minutes
Home, School
Cones , Flat markers , Tennis balls (bucket of), Targets (various)
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Set Up:

  • Place enough cones for 1 per child side-by-side, and 1 flat market ~ 0.5 metre behind each
  • Position various targets and different heights against a fence or wall or on poles
  • Place 2 – 4 throwing items behind each marker


Children start on a flat marker facing the targets:


Children hold 1 item at eye-level or slightly above and support elbow with non-throwing hand.

Using the action of forearm only, children flick ball towards targets.

Once everyone has had 10 throws while sitting, collect balls and progress to the Kneeling stage.


Children kneel high and position ball in-line with shoulder.

Using whole arm, children rotate torso to generate power and throw ball towards targets.

Once children have had 10 throws progress to the Standing stage.


Children stand on flat marker with the ball in throwing hand.

On Ready, Aim, Fire command, children point at targets with non-throwing hand and step forward to squash cone and throw ball towards targets.

Ask children questions about each stage and which throws are the most powerful and why.

This activity helps isolate the different components of the overarm throw to make it easier for children to learn the technique.

Make it fun and engaging by having a variety of targets and turning it into a game to hit them all.


  • Add targets of different shapes, sizes and height
  • Increase distance of closest target
  • Use a variety of items to throw – different sized balls, beanbags etc.
  • Remove targets when they are hit and try and eliminate all of them
  • Let children create targets of their own out of equipment
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Teaching Points:

  • Ready: stand side-onlike a surfer
  • Aim: make a muscle man (throwing arm bent up above shoulder), point non-throwing arm at target
  • Fire: step forward with opposite foot and throw