Small Sided Soccer

Small Sided Soccer

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
10 minutes
Soccer balls (3x), Bibs , Cones (or soccer goals)
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Set Up:

  • Set up goals (can be pop-up soccer goals or cones) at each end of a 15m x 10m rectangle field
  • Divide children into two teams (bibs and non-bibs)
  • Coach holds two balls while one ball is in play
  • Have extra goals (or cones) available to add in extra goals if needed


Start with children only allowed to kick the ball, no tackling or dribbling. Each team must pass three times before scoring. As balls get kicked out of play, the coach throws in another ball to keep the game flowing. Add in a second ball if the game is very congested.Coach can join in and pass to players who are hesitant to get involved.


  • Change the rules – you must pass to everyone on the team before you can attempt a goal, add in dribbling, no tackling, add in dribbling, can only walk when you have the ball, everyone in the team has to touch the ball before a goal can be scored, only one player on each team can tackle etc.
  • Add in an extra goal
  • Add a goal keeper and rotate this position
  • If you have a large group you can introduce zones, half the team are attackers and must stay in attacking zone (marked by cones), other half are defenders and must stay in defending zone.

Teaching Points:


  • Eyes on the ball
  • Kicking foot like a penguin (twist it outwards)
  • Step, swing & kick


  • Baby touches of the ball
  • Look up and around
  • Keep the ball close to the body
  • Use both feet