Space Invaders

Space Invaders

3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8+ years
2 - 25
10-15 minutes
School, ECEC
Beanbags (1 per child), Hoops 10-20, Flat markers (1 per child)
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Set Up:

  • Place enough flat markers for 1 per child in a line (side-by-side)
  • Scatter hoops in a cluster 10-20m away from the throwing line (depending on age of children)
  • Place a bucket of beanbags behind the throwing line
Hoop Elimination_photo


The activity: The children are under alien invasion, with the hoops being incoming UFO’s. To stop the alien invasion, children need to land their beanbag in the hoop and destroy the UFO. After each throwing round, the hoops move closer.

Children start on a flat marker, side-on to the target area with a beanbag in throwing hand.

On the Ready, Aim, Fire command, the children throw the beanbag aiming to land it in a hoop.

Hoops are removed if a beanbag lands inside.

When all beanbags have been thrown, students collect and continue.

After each round, move the back row of hoops to the front (so the UFO’s get closer).

Continue to work as a team until all of the UFO’s have been destroyed.


  • Use cones instead of flat markers (if not available)

  • Adjust the throwing distance to suit throwing abilities

Teaching Points:

  • Ready: stand side-on like a surfer
  • Aim: make a muscle man (throwing arm bent up above shoulder), point non-throwing arm at target
  • Fire: step forward with opposite foot and throw