Teddy Hide & Seek

Baby crawling through a playground with a toy

Teddy Hide & Seek

0-2 years, 2-3 years
5- 10 minutes
Home, ECEC
Plush teddy or toy
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Set Up:

  • Position the baby on the floor on their tummy
  • For older children you can start with them standing
  • Use the child's favourite toy or teddy to play hide and seek


  • Engage baby to follow the teddy with their eyes and track the toy while moving it around in front of you.
  • Hide teddy behind your back and “peek a boo” teddy.
  • Hide teddy behind furniture, other toys and materials such as silks scarfs etc.
  • Place teddy in reach of baby and encourage baby to reach and grasp teddy or move towards teddy if they are able to roll or crawl.


Beginning to move:

  • For toddlers and children beginning to crawl and walk, you can extend this activity.
  • Using the child’s favourite teddy or toy engage with them to play hide and seek, allowing the child to watch you as you hide the teddy.
  • Begin with hiding the teddy in close range, in eye line of the child.
  • As the child becomes more confident in the game, begin to hide the teddy across the room, at a variety of heights, or not in direct eye line (i.e., only a foot can be seen and the rest of the teddy is hidden behind a box).
  • Take turns and allow the child to hide the teddy from you for you to find.

Beginning to Run:

  • For children who are proficient at walking and ready to begin exploring other locomotive skills such as running, balancing, and jumping.
  • Using the teddy to play hide and seek, hide the teddy across the room or yard.
  • You can add in a musical element and sing “we’re going on a bear hunt” with the children.
  • Choose a form of locomotion to perform while looking for the teddy such as running, stomping, crawling, or jumping.
  • Take turns with the children hiding the teddy.
  • Increase the complexity by having children close their eyes while the teddy is being hidden.