Wall Ball

Wall Ball

Wall Ball

5-8 years, 8+ years
1 - 10
10 minutes
Home, School
Basketballs (or similar large bouncy balls), Tennis balls , Markers
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Set Up:

  • Spread the markers out facing a wall
  • Have different sized balls ready in separate buckets/bags


Each player starts on a marker with a bouncy ball facing the wall. Ask the children to:

  • 10 x throw ball at wall and catch after it bounces
  • 9 x throw ball at wall and catch
  • 8 x throw ball at wall jump and then catch
  • 7 x throw ball at wall touch ground and then catch

Start close to wall and progressively move back.

Use small balls to make it harder, or do it in partners.

Wall Ball_photo


  • To make it easier start close to the wall and sitting down and rolling ball at wall, then bouncing ball at wall
  • Change shapes and sizes of ball
  • Add more difficult challenges – throw ball at wall, turn around and catch ball, throw ball at wall clap hands and catch ball
  • In partners play handball against wall, taking turns to hit ball at wall using their hand. See how many in a row each pair can do.

Teaching Points:

  • Watch the ball
  • Soft fingers, big hands
  • Thumbs together and up (butterfly hands) for balls above waist and fingers pointing down (wriggly worms) for balls below waist
  • Reach out for the ball and catch with two hands