Witch’s Cauldron

Witch’s Cauldron

Witch’s Cauldron

3-5 years, 5-8 years
1 - 20
10 minutes
School, ECEC
Buckets , Beanbags , Cones , Flat markers
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Set Up:

  • Set out 6-8 flat markers in a row with a bucket on top of each
  • Set out cones 15 metres behind markers
  • Coach starts in front of markers with a bucket of beanbags
  • Children line up on markers holding buckets
  • If a large group line up two children behind each marker
Witch's Cauldron


Coach has a bucket of magical items to add to the witch’s cauldron (beanbags) and throws them underarm to children. Children call out what they want to put in their cauldron (frog legs, feather, slugs, old shoe, dragon tooth etc.) and the coach throws beanbag to them and they attempt to catch the item in their cauldron (bucket).

After each attempt they put the cauldron down and run (or skip or gallop, or hop like a kangaroo or jump like a frog) around cones set up 15 metres behind them and then come back to receive another throw.

Next child in line receives a throw and then runs/hop/jumps/gallops around cones.

Keep going until all the magic potions are completed (or the coach has run out of beanbags).


  • If you have more than 10 children in your group you will need to have more throwers to keep the children engaged– find children in the group that have a reliable underarm throw
  • For older children half can be throwers, other half collectors.
  • Make running course shorter or longer
  • Change the movement each time the child catches an item in their cauldron
  • Add in obstacles to running course
  • If it is too easy children move back further and make throws more difficult so they have to move to catch them

Teaching Points:

  • Watch the ball
  • Move the bucket to the ball
  • Reach out for the ball with the bucket