Improving physical literacy should be all about having fun. Take a look through our huge range of activities below.

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We have compiled these activities, a mix of new ideas and old favourites, to help kids learn the fundamental movement skills in a fun and interactive way.
Use the filters below to sort the activities by time, age group and setting. Then click through to learn more about how to set up the activity and run it for yourself.

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Builders and Bulldozers

Builders and Bulldozers


A fun running game for groups of all sizes and ages. 

Cat & Mouse

4+10 minutes

An activity for the younger children to help develop ball tracking to help develop the skill of Catching.

Catch Tag

6+5 minutes

A fun tag game that incorporates the development of Catching skills.

Catch the Magical Creatures

Overarm Throw
1 - 3010 minutes

An engaging Throwing skill development activity that can be modified for all ages and group sizes.

Clean up your Rubbish (kicking)

4 - 30

A fun soccer kicking activity for the younger kids. Good for small to medium groups.

Clean up your Rubbish (throwing)

Overarm Throw
4 - 30

A fun game to develop the skill of Throwing. Suit medium to large groups.

Collecting Rubbish

4+10 minutes

Develop Throwing as well as Running, Jumping and Skipping with this fun activity. Suits groups of all sizes.

Cone Monster


A fun activity for groups of all sizes that develops soccer dribbling and kicking.

Connect 4

Running, Skipping
1 - 12

This game is like Connect 4 played in teams. Each child in each team has a placement marker (a cone). The coach explains the game to the children before dividing into teams and starting.

Connect It

4+5-10 minutes

A fun game requiring children to connect up with different body parts whilst moving around the space

Diamond Cricket

8 - 3010 minutes

This activity introduces children to the skills and strategy of cricket: batting, fielding, running and throwing.

Diminishing Target

Overarm Throw
4 - 1510 minutes

A progressive activity focusing on the skill of Throwing. Good for small to medium sized groups.

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