Improving physical literacy should be all about having fun. Take a look through our huge range of activities below.

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We have compiled these activities, a mix of new ideas and old favourites, to help kids learn the fundamental movement skills in a fun and interactive way.
Use the filters below to sort the activities by time, age group and setting. Then click through to learn more about how to set up the activity and run it for yourself.

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Discovering Jumping

1 - 3010 minutes

An introductory activity to explore the skill of Jumping.


4 - 3010 minutes

A fun activity that the kids love. Can be modified to focus on a number of different skills. Suit medium sized groups

Shrink and Grow

Electric Piggy

5 - 1010 minutes

An electric twist on a classic game!

Farmer Sam

6+5 minutes

A fun activity for groups of all sizes to start or finish a session that the kids love!

Fetch Cricket

2 - 305 minutes

An introductory Striking activity performed in partners. Suits groups of all sizes.

Follow the Leader

1 - 205 minutes

Mark out a large area using cones (optional), Children begin by lining up behind the coach

Get the Beanbag

Running, Skipping
1 - 2010 minutes

A fast paced running team game that keeps children moving and introduces some strategy.

Golden Child (striking)

6 - 2010 minutes

Develop striking and fielding skills while introducing game play and strategy in this team based activity.

Golden Child (throwing)

6 - 2010 minutes

Develop the skill of throwing and fielding in this team based activity while also introducing strategy and game play. Suit medium sized groups.

Guided Free Play

1+10 minutes

Children enjoy free time with any available equipment. Coaches set up some small games for children to choose from and assist children to set up their own games.

Here, There, Everywhere

2+5 minutes

Warm-up activity that gets the kids running in all directions.

Hit the Stumps

Overarm Throw
2 - 3010 minutes

Develop Throwing skills with this cricket themed activity. Suits groups of all sizes.

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