Important: To add classrooms, you need to be a KIDDO Manager for your school. If you're a KIDDO Manager you will see a ⚙ ‘cog’ icon in the black bar at the top of your Dashboard. If you are not the KIDDO Manager, you will need to ask your KIDDO Manager to add classrooms or ask them to give you the Manager role as well.


Adding new classrooms

  • In the ⚙ ‘cog’ section click on ‘Classrooms’
  • Click on 'Add Classroom'
  • Allocate each class a title and a year group
    • For split classes, you can choose which year group you allocate your class to. You may want to consider:
      • The number of students in each year group in the class
      • The developmental levels of the students in the class
  • Click 'Save'
  • Repeat for all classes you would like to add.


Archiving old classrooms

If you are the KIDDO Manager for your school, you will be able to archive any classrooms. If you are not the KIDDO Manager, you will only be able to archive the classrooms you have been assigned. 

  • In the ⚙ ‘cog’ section click onClassrooms
  • Click on the three dots next to a classroom from a previous year/s
  • Click 'Edit'
  • Uncheck the box marked 'Active' You will not lose any of this data (and you can go back at any point to export data or make the classroom active again). The classroom just becomes hidden.
  • Repeat for all classes from previous years.
Watch: Adding and managing classrooms