In this section, we cover:

  1. Adding new staff individually
  2. Adding multiple staff at once
  3. Help with problems adding staff
  4. Actions to take after you have imported your staff
  5. Removing staff

Please scroll down to the task you need help performing. For a step-by-step guide on adding staff, you can also watch our 'how to' video.

Important: to add and edit staff, you need to be a KIDDO Manager for your school. If you're a KIDDO Manager you will see a ⚙ ‘cog’ icon in the black bar at the top of your Dashboard. If you are not the KIDDO Manager, you will need to ask your KIDDO Manager to add and edit staff or ask them to give you the Manager role as well.

1. Adding new staff individually              

  • In the ⚙ ‘cog’ section click on ‘Staff’
  • Click 'Add Staff Member'   
  • You can choose to allocate new staff members as 'Managers' or 'Educators'. When you are allocating their role consider the following:                  
    • Educators will only have access to the classrooms and students for the classes you have allocated them
    • Managers have access to all the classrooms and can add new classes, view professional development completions, pay membership, add staff members, etc
  • Allocate each new staff member to their classroom(s)

All staff that you add will receive an email with a link to log in and set up their password. If they don't receive this email, please check spam folders, ensure you entered the correct email address, and if still not received, please contact

At any time you can edit a staff member by:

  • Clicking 'Staff'
  • Click the three dots next to the staff member's name and select ‘Edit’
  • You can then select/edit their classroom(s) and what role you would like them to have.

2. Adding multiple staff at once

Use the Staff Importer to import multiple staff at once. It can be a handy time-saving tool for those schools with large staff numbers.

Important: you can only import staff into one classroom at a time OR you can choose not to select a classroom to import the staff into and then manually add the staff to different classrooms once they have been imported.

Follow the steps below to use it successfully:

  1. In the ⚙ ‘cog’ section click on ‘Staff’, and then click on ‘Import staff’
  2. Click on the blue box ’Example template’.  A spreadsheet will then be available to download and open.
  3. When entering your staff information into the import template:
    • The headings of the spreadsheet must remain in row 1
    • You will need to widen some of the columns (particularly email) - you can do this by dragging the border of the column header right or left.
    • Delete the example staff member (but not the heading row) from the template e.g. John Smith
    • Enter your staff data first name, surname, and email address into the appropriate columns in the exact same format as in the example data
    • You must enter the first name, surname, and email address of all staff members you would like to add
    • Save the completed import template file on your computer as a CSV file (not an XLS) – take note of where you have saved it
  4. In the importer click on ‘Choose file’ and find the CSV file on your computer
  5. Select the classroom you would like to allocate the staff to, or if you would like to allocate to a range of different classrooms select ‘none’ and allocate the staff to classrooms after they have been imported
  6. Click on ‘Submit’ and if successful you will see a message saying ‘Educators added’.

3. After you have imported your staff:

  • You should then see the staff you imported in your staff list. Staff who have been imported successfully will automatically be sent an email with a link to set up their KIDDO login.
  • Once imported, you can allocate them to classrooms by clicking on the three dots to the right side of their name in the staff list and selecting edit.
  • All staff who are added will be given the role of ‘educator’. If you would like to change them to a ‘manager’ role, click on the three dots on the right side of their name in the staff section and tick the ‘manager’ box.

4. Having problems adding staff?

If it didn’t work for you, please read the instructions above and double-check that your formatting is correct and that the file you tried to import is a CSV file, not an XLS. Please get in touch with the KIDDO team if you continue to have problems, we are happy to help you. Email or call 08 6488 1378.

5. Removing staff             

This is a task you can only perform if you are a KIDDO Manager for your school. If you are you'll see the ⚙ ‘cog’ section in the black bar at the top of your dashboard.

Removing staff who are no longer at the school:

  • In the ⚙ ‘cog’ section click on ‘Staff’
  • Click the three dots next to the staff member's name and select 'Remove'.
Watch: Adding staff