For a step-by-step guide for adding and managing students, watch our 'how to' video or view the written steps below.

How do I add students?

There are two ways to import students:

  1. Manually add individual students one at a time

In the 'Students' tab of the dashboard click on ‘Create student’. Add the student’s details. If you would like to invite the parents/guardians of the student to access the parent hub, make sure you add the email for at least one parent/guardian. We highly recommend you do this to share the amazing resources available for parents and engage them in their child’s learning and development at this key age. See Parent Hub FAQs

  1. Using the student importer - this is the quickest and easiest way
Note: You only need to import a student ONCE. After this, you just move them to their new classroom each year at the start of each school year
  1. In the 'Students' tab of the dashboard click on ‘Import students’
  2. Click on the blue box ’Example template’.  A spreadsheet will then be available to download and open. Note: You can only import students into one class at a time
  3. Please enter your student data into the template, following the instructions outlined below. To speed up this process you should be able to export class lists in Excel format from your school’s student management software – this will save you a lot of time:
    • The headings of the spreadsheet must remain in row 1
    • Widen some of the columns (particularly date of birth), so that it displays numbers instead of ### – you can do this by dragging the column border to the right or left.
    • Delete the example students (but not the heading row) from the template e.g. Draco Malfoy
    • Enter the students’ data from the classroom you are importing into the appropriate columns in the same format as in the example data
    •  *IMPORTANT* The only required criteria are first name, last name, date of birth, and gender* Date of birth must be entered in this format: d/mm/yyyy e.g. 2/07/2015
    • Save the completed import template file on your computer as a CSV file – take note of where you have saved it
    • In the importer, click ‘Choose file’ and find the CSV file on your computer, then click 'Submit'.
    • You should then see the students you imported in your students list. If it didn’t work, please double-check your formatting is correct. If you still encounter problems or need some help, please feel free to get in touch with the KIDDO team. We're happy to help.


How do I move students to their new classes at the end of the year (or at the start of the new year)?

First, set up your classrooms for the new school year (See Adding Classrooms) and allocate staff to each classroom (See Adding Staff) in the management menu.

To move students to new classes follow the steps below:

  • Click on 'Dashboard '. You should be able to see all your classes and there should be a 'Dashboard' button for each class. 
  • Choose a class and click 'Dashboard'
  • Go to the 'Students' tab
  • Select the checkbox on the left side of the name of all the students moving into a particular classroom. E.g., If there are 14 students from Year 1 Red moving into Year 2 Blue, click on all those students' names. 
  • Once you have selected a checkbox next to a student's name, the option 'Move' will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on 'Move'
  • Select the classroom they are moving into (In this case Year 2 Blue), and then click 'Move'
  • Repeat the process for all students

Time-saving tip: If you click on the box at the top of the column above all the individual students that will select all students and allow you to move all of them at once (this is only helpful if they are all going to the same class for the new school year).

Note: To save time in larger schools, you can reimport your class lists each school year using the student importer. However, if the student details on the spreadsheet you import are different in any way from when you first imported them e.g. spelling of name or formatting of their date of birth, they will be imported as a new student and you will lose the ability to track progress. After re-importing and before you conduct any new assessment, please check they still have their existing assessments attached to them


Removing (archiving) classes from the previous year(s)

  • In the ⚙ ‘cog’ section click onClassrooms
  • Click on the three dots next to a classroom from a previous year
  • Click 'Edit'
  • Uncheck the box marked 'Active' You will not lose any of this data (and you can go back at any point to export data or make the classroom active again). The classroom just becomes hidden
  • Repeat for all classes from previous years


What do the coloured circles for assistance progress mean?

The coloured circles are to help you identify individual students’ Fundamental Movement Skill development at a glance.

Red = student is averaging 20% percentile or below across all skills assessed in their most recent assessment

Yellow = student is averaging 21%-50% across all skills assessed in their most recent assessment

Green= student is averaging 51%-100% across all skills assessed in their most recent assessment


What does inviting parents mean?

This is how you invite parents to access their own child’s unique KIDDO parent hub. It's an exciting new feature that allows parents to view what skills their child is learning at school, their FMS assessment reports, access activities to play at home, as well as hundreds of useful KIDDO resources including skill tips and videos.

Simply click on invite parents, add the parent email address and they will receive an email invite to access their child’s KIDDO parent hub. You might like to let them know to look out for it as sometimes these emails end up in a junk/spam folder.