PLAYCE study report: Physical activity levels of children in ECECs

Research from the PLAYCE study of 1596 children in 104 early childhood education and cares (ECEC) services found that less than 12% of children aged 2-5 years met the recommended three hours of physical activity per day whilst attending their ECEC service.

Christian, H., Trost, S., Rosenberg, M., Schipperin, J., Maitland, C., Trapp, G., Lester, L., Boruff, B., Thornton, A., Zubrick, S., Powell, J., & Wenden, E. (2018). A snapshot of the PLAYCE project: Findings from the Western Australian PLAY Spaces and Environments for Children’s Physical Activity Study. Supportive Childcare Environments for Physical Activity in the Early Years.

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