baby with beanbag

Grasping is a fine motor movement that develops in babies as early as 3 months old. At this early stage, it is important to encourage development as these skills provide the building blocks for fine motor skills a child will need to develop as they age.

Teaching tips
  • Ensure you provide a child with a variety of objects to practice grasping
  • Use toys or objects that fit in one hand, but also bigger objects that require two hands
  • Incorporate stationary objects, like toys on a mat, as well as moving objects, like dangling scarves
  • Expose the child to different textures and shapes

Grasping is a reflex present at birth, but at around 3 months old an infant begins to learn to voluntarily grasp

  • A baby will first learn to reach and grasp using two hands
  • At around 6 months old, a baby will develop a one handed grasp
  • Between 7-9 months old a baby should be able to voluntarily release an object
  • As a baby begins to grasp, ensure you are checking their fingers for wrapped hairs or strings that can cause harm

More grasping activities

children moving
Head and neck control, Balancing, Running, Jumping, Catching, Overarm Throw, Kicking (soccer), Walking, Standing, Climbing, Grasping
baby playing with educator
Head and neck control, Catching, Crawling, Rolling, Grasping
Head and neck control, Crawling, Rolling, Grasping