World-leading FMS assessment and reporting

Assess the fundamental movement skills of running, jumping, catching, balancing and kicking using KIDDO's all-in-one online platform.

You'll see exactly how your students compare to over 63,000 others, and for the first time plan your programs according to your students' strengths and weaknesses.

Reports and insights are automatically generated from your students' results. They highlight which children and which skills need more attention than others, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Measure on mobile
Measure FMS with ease.

You can do it all online during your assessment sessions using a mobile or tablet, or measure offline and enter the results at a later date.

Watch the video - Assessment overview and tips for running sessions >

Students view - progress - iPad
Identify individual needs at a glance

Who's progressing well and who needs assistance or early intervention, is right there in front of you. You can provide a little extra support to those in need and make a real difference to their physical activity participation well into adulthood.

Progress report - iPad
Download and share reports

Reports are automatically generated. Percentile reports indicate how they are progressing compared to thousands their age. Progress reports show how students perform across multiple assessments both during and across all of the years they are assessed.

Download a sample percentile report >
Download a sample progress report >

Insights selector
Insights for each class and year level

Gain insights at a class and year level, allowing you to plan (and refine) targeted programs that boost student outcomes.

Parent Hub PS
Engage parents in the journey

Showing parents how their child is progressing is a great motivator for them to continue the KIDDO fun at home. Share their child's reports in just a few clicks, or invite them to their child's "Parent hub" where they can stay on top of their child's FMS development, and access at-home activities and skill teaching tips.

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Overview and assessment session tips

Watch the video to see how it works and get our top tips for holding assessment sessions.

Check our latest assessment platform upgrades

It’s now even more convenient and less time-consuming to collect and enter assessment data!

1) Offline data collection
Assess in half the time by collecting assessment data offline - far fewer clicks and no loading time!

2) Bulk data entry
Enter assessment data for your whole class with ease, all on the same page. It takes just minutes to enter!