We get it. Budgets are tight.
Accessing funds for vital resources such as FMS and physical literacy can be challenging, so it's helpful to be able to communicate the value a KIDDO membership brings beyond PE, for the whole school.
Everything you need.
  • All your planning is taken care of
  • Over 240 fun activities they'll love playing
  • Assess FMS with ease
  • See how your school compares and receive insights to guide your next steps
  • Parents can be engaged on the journey at no extra cost
  • Build capacity of all of your staff and stay ahead of the game
  • Become a pro at skill teaching using consistent teaching cues across all classes
  • Stay on top of it all with your personalised dashboard

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Don't just take our word for it. Meet KIDDO members

Hear from teachers, principals, parents, and students who love using KIDDO.
"It's based on evidence. Everything is there for you. It's so easy to use. It's really a no-brainer."

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Here's a one-stop-shop info doc for school leaders

We've done our best to condense the key benefits schools enjoy from a KIDDO membership and what it's all about into an information booklet that you can share with school leaders, teachers and other staff. 

Download and share - Information for School Leaders

Children benefit in so many other ways.

Students with well-developed FMS and who are more physically active benefit in so many other ways.

  • Higher academic achievement
  • Greater short-term cognitive function
  • Superior behavioural engagement - more time on task, increased concentration, less fidgeting, and they recieve fewer disciplinary corrections
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem 
  • Less likely to experience anxiety or depression, or become overweight or obese.
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KIDDO is not just for PE teachers.

It's a platform for the whole school. All teachers and EA's benefit from access to KIDDO. 
We understand that some year groups don't have access to a PE teacher, so it's often early childhood teachers and other classroom teachers who are responsible for helping to develop FMS.

Professional Development

Brain break
Morning fitness and brain breaks keep them engaged in the classroom.

KIDDO's curriculum-aligned programs feature fun and engaging activities for classroom teachers. They're scheduled right across each term and include the all of how-to-play details and skill-teaching cues to make things easy. Research demonstrates that short bursts of these types of activities during the day improve executive function, moods, motivation and self-efficacy.

See the research behind KIDDO

Watch the webinar - KIDDO info and Q&A for school leaders

It's a great introduction to what KIDDO's all about and how schools are using it.