Alphabet Hop

boy hopping through hoops

This activity is great for developing hopping, as well as revising your alphabet! All you need is a clear pavement and a piece of chalk. 

Set up

On a large pavement draw twenty-six circles (the size of dinner plates) and write one letter of the alphabet in each. 

Note: You may choose to use only some letters, you do not need to include all at once!

How to play
Step 1
  • Begin by slowly calling out letters for your child to hop to
Step 2
  • Once they’ve got the hang of the hopping, speed up your calls a little bit more, or get them to spell a word
Make it easier
  • Make the letter circles closer together
  • Call out letters near to each other
Make it harder
  • Call out a word to spell
  • Call the letters out fast
  • Make the letter circles further apart
Activity information
Age: 3-5 years, Kindergarten / Pre-school, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2
Equipment: Chalk
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Skill teaching

Before beginning this activity, practice the skill of hopping, using the following cues: 

  1. Quiet landings (bend ankles, knees and hips)
  2. Bend your leg to push off
  3. Head up and eyes forward (look towards where you are hopping)
  4. Swing & spring
Physical literacy tips
  • Let your child help draw out the circles