Baby Circus

girl crawling out of tunner

Roll-up, roll-up and play with the circus animals! This exciting activity is a fun way for babies to explore movement and coordination.

Set up

Make a circle with baby’s favourite toys, and place baby in the middle.

How to play
Step 1
  • Lay baby tummy-down in the circle of toys
Step 2
  • Encourage baby to reach and move for different toys
Step 3
  • Use sound or sight to catch baby’s attention. If they’ve been playing with one toy for a long period, try making noises that you may hear at the circus (e.g., roar of a tiger) to draw them back into the game
Make it easier
  • Place animals closer to baby
Make it harder
  • Place animals further away from baby
Activity information
Age: 0-12 months, 1-2 years
Equipment: Soft toys, Variety of objects
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Physical literacy tips
  • Encourage your baby's neck control by drawing their attention to animals out of their sight