Baby Hoop

This activity is a simple introduction into throwing.

Set up

Have baby seated on the ground with two soft, light-weight balls. Have a small bucket, basket or box nearby.

How to play
Step 1
  • Hand your baby one ball to begin with, and demonstrate a throw for baby to mimic
Step 2
  • Once baby throws first ball, give them a second in the opposite hand
Step 3
  • Once baby has had a go at throwing with both hands, give them a ball in each hand, to practice throwing at the same time
Step 4
  • Introduce a bucket to catch the ball with
Step 5
  • After a couple catches with the bucket, baby should start to aim for it
Make it easier
  • Use small, light weight balls that are easy to grasp
Make it harder
  • Give baby plastic balls that are harder to grab, to work on grasping
Activity information
Age: 1-2 years, 2-3 years
Equipment: Balls, Buckets (optional)
Duration: 5 minutes
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Physical literacy tips
  • Have a bucket or hoop for baby to 'aim' for
  • Model throwing technique to help your baby