Bullseye (Throwing)

Girl copying an adult doing an overarm throw

Bullseye! Go for glory as you develop throwing accuracy in this simple, minimal equipment game.

Set up

Create a number of circles within each other using chalk on a flat surface (you could also use different sized blankets on top of one another) - one small one, surrounded by a larger one, and a larger one, and so on (like an archery target). Allocate a number for each circle - for example, the smallest could be 10 points, followed by 5, 3, 2, 1, as each circle gets larger.  A suitable distance away, place a marker. This is where the children stand. Give each child a soft toy/beanbag. 

How to play
Step 1:
  • One at a time, children take a turn at underarm throwing their beanbag onto the playing board (the circles). 
Step 2:
  • Check where the beanbag lands, that is your score!
  • Children add up the number of points they get with each round
Step 3:
  • Continue playing until someone reaches a certain score, or for a set amount of time to see who can get the highest score!
  • Play again, mixing up teams/groups where necessary
Make it easier
  • Make the circles larger
  • Start the children closer
Make it harder
  • Start from further away
  • Try rolling! Use a tennis ball on a flat, smooth surface for an extra challenge
  • Encourage more proficient children to use only overarm throwing
Activity information
Age: 3-5 years, Kindergarten / Pre-school, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
Participants: 1 +
Equipment: Chalk (optional), Blanket (optional), Soft toys
Duration: 10 minutes
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Skill teaching

If focusing on underarm throw, before starting demonstrate and underarm throw using KIDDO's teaching cues. Let children have a number of practice throws initially.

  1. Step on the star (step with opposite foot onto star marker)
  2. Swing arm forward
  3. Throw (fire)
Physical literacy tips
  • To reduce the pressure of scoring points, use different indicators - such as a shape (you landed on the zig-zag ring!), or a colour (collect the rainbow!)
  • Children can play individually, or as a team (if multiple children)