Hula Hoop Car Trip

A KIDDO favourite! Children explore locomotor skills by driving around in cars (hoops/paper plates) on 'different roads'. Develops the locomotor skills of jump, run, skip and hop - good for any number of children.

Set up

Start in a designated area. Each child starts standing in a hoop/holding a paper plate infront of them (like a steering wheel) in the area. This is the child's car.

How to play
Step 1:
  • Ask the children to start their engines (running on the spot), and then start driving around, following you
Step 2:
  • Call out instructions and demonstrate the actions. Ideas include;
    • School zone: walk
    • On the freeway: running around fast
    • Red light: freeze
    • Bumpy road: jump around
    • Flat tyre: hop
    • Reversing: walk backwards
    • Stuck in the mud: run on the spot
    • Twisty road: lean to one side as running around
    • Out of petrol: children drop their hoop or plate and jump in and out of it/over it to refuel
Step 3:
  • After children are familiar with the above instructions you can add in some new ones. Try;
    • Road trip: follow to a new destination, you can go through a playground and down a slide or use any obstacles in your environment
    • Windscreen wipers: drop hoop and move hands in windscreen wiper action
    • Turn the radio on: drop hoop and dance
    • Spinning a doughnut: try and spin the hula hoop around your waist
    • Round-a-bout: run around a tree or obstacle
Make it easier
  • Start with just a few simple instructions e.g. green light, red light, reversing
  • Change the instructions to match the skill you are focusing on (e.g skipping - school zone while skipping becomes a slow mo skip!)
Make it harder
  • Use a larger area
  • Add in more complex instructions
Activity information
Age: 2-3 years, 3-5 years, Kindergarten / Pre-school, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
Participants: 1 +
Equipment: Hoops (optional), Paper plates (optional)
Duration: 10 minutes
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Skill teaching

Hula Hoop Car Trip uses a range of different locomotor skills, such as jumping. While practicing jumping, remind children to start with their arms behind them like a superhero and to swing and spring. 

Jumping teaching cues:

  1. Land like you are riding a motorbike – arms forward, ankles, knees and hips bent, feet apart
  2. Start with your arms stretched behind you like a superhero
  3. Swing & Spring
  4. Reach for a star and bring it down again (for vertical jumps)
Activity summary
Physical literacy tips
  • Let children create new instructions
  • Let your child lead the road trip
  • If a child is hesitant or having trouble staying engaged, become a tow truck and wheel them to the mechanic to get 'fixed'
  • If playing with paper plates - spend some time beforehand decorating your steering wheel!