Modified Basketball

Children bouncing ball to each other

Introduce the skills and game of basketball with this modified version. Great to encourage the development of multiple fundamental movement skills. Requires a hard surface.

Set up

Use the local basketball court, or a flat, hard ground in your yard. Use a small basketball ring, or someone standing in a hoop as the goal. Separate children into two teams (or adult v child).

How to play
Step 1:
  • One team starts with the ball
Step 2:
  • If the ball is dropped or intercepted, the other team can steal it and dribble back to the mid line, before trying to score a goal
Step 3:
  • Teams try to score a goal, either by dribbling down to the goal and shooting into a ring or passing it to someone standing in their goal hoop
  • Continue playing, mixing up teams or rules as desired
Make it easier
  • Allow a 2 handed bounce and catch
  • Introduce a no stealing rule
Make it harder
  • Introduce dribbling if this suits your group
  • Children only have a maximum of 20 seconds to dribble to the goal
Activity information
Age: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Participants: 2 +
Equipment: Basketballs, Basketball goals
Duration: 10 minutes
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Skill teaching

This version of basketball focuses on catching, so you must remind children of the teaching cues for this;

  1. Eyes on the ball
  2. Soft fingers
  3. Butterfly hands: thumbs together and fingers pointing up for balls being caught above the waist
  4. Wriggly worms: fingers pointing down for balls being caught below the waist
  5. Move hands to the ball
Physical literacy tips
  • Change it up to have all children on the same team, so they must work together
  • Every child must catch the ball once before they are able to score a goal