Rob the Nest (DIY)

A fantastic activity to encourage creativity with movement, whilst introducing a bit of competition! Rob the Nest DIY is good for all ages, but can be fairly equipment heavy. 

Set up

Place two hoops, or two buckets ~5-10 metres apart. Fill one bucket with balls/beanbags. Set up a variety of equipment in an obstacle course to the other hoop. If you would like to verse your child, set up two hoops, each ~5-10 metres either side of the toy hoop. 

Note: Rob the Nest can be used as an activity for a number of different skills depending on the obstacles you use. 

How to play
Step 1
  • When you say "go", your child moves through their obstacle course and collects an egg (ball) from the central bucket (nest) and brings it back to their nest (bucket)
  • You can also do this at the same time, collecting the item and bringing it back to your bucket 
Step 2
  • Continue until all eggs are collected from the centre hoop, and allow your child 30 seconds to try and steal an egg from your nest
Make it easier
  • Have less obstacles or less 'eggs' to collect to prevent your child tiring fast
  • Use a simple locomotor skill, such as running
  • You only have to complete the obstacle course on your way to the nest, on your way back you can bypass the course and run back to your nest
Make it harder
  • Make the course longer
  • Use a trickier locomotor skill, such as skipping or hopping
Activity information
Age: 3-5 years, Kindergarten / Pre-school, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
Participants: 1 +
Equipment: Beanbags, Cushions (optional), Variety of objects, Cardboard box (optional), Chalk (optional), Hoops (optional), Buckets
Duration: 10 minutes
Skill focus
Explore these skills for teaching tips
Skill teaching

Demonstrate to your child what to do with each of the equipment provided, such as:

  1. Jumping from cushion to cushion
  2. Jump over soft toys
  3. Dodge from one water bottle to another
  4. Hop through the hopscotch grid
Physical literacy tips
  • Build the course together with your child
  • Play their favourite song - when the music is up see how many eggs you have collected!