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Children are ready to be introduced to the skill of dodging in Year 2 and should be fine tuning the skill by the end of Year 5. Some children may take a lot longer to experience to success with this skill as it is a more complex skill. The dodge is a more advanced skill from the sprint run and the gallop.

Teaching tips
  1. Bend, push & turn
  2. Look straight ahead
  3. Use only one step to change direction
Developing Dodging through play

Introduce young children to the skill of dodging by playing simple tag games, such as What's the Time Mr Wolf or Where's Red Riding Hood. Keep instructions simple as children will naturally develop a sense of how to dodge and change direction - focus on playing in areas with lots of open space so your child doesn't feel restricted in how they can dodge.

  • Set up markers in zig-zag formation and instruct children to touch markers with the outside of their foot (avoid going around markers as this can lead to bad habits)
  • Play games such as Compliment Tag and Colour Frenzy which involve changes of direction

Have children experiment with different styles of dodging – wide base of support vs a narrow, body upright v body lowered. To practice this;

  • Set-up obstacle courses that involve dodging between markers
  • Introduce more complex tag games, or reduce the size of your playing area to challenge your child
  • Increase the speed of the dodge
  • Have a go at double dodges – dodge in one direction and then quickly dodge the other direction - try it out with Dodge (Kicking)
  • Play small sided games of netball and Modified Basketball and focus on incorporating the dodge within the game
Common errors
  • Trying to do it too slowly with too many small steps
  • Looking down at the ground
  • Not enough knee bend
  • The whole body turns to face the intended direction of travel

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